Schedule for the BCATS 2016 Symposium

8:15 am Badge Pickup and Breakfast
8:45 am Opening Remarks
9:00 am Keynote Address: Dr. Jonas Almeida
9:45 am Talk: Scott Powers
Treatment effects for "patients like me"
10:00 am Talk: Avanti Shrikumar
Not Just a Black Box: Interpretable Deep Learning for Genomics and Epigenomics
10:15 am Coffee Break
10:30 am Keynote Address: Dr. Laura Waller
11:15 am Talk: Suzanne Tamang
Using Clinical Text Analysis to Enable Deep Phenotyping
11:30 am Talk: Natalie Tellis
Functional characterization of Neanderthal introgression impacts on modern humans
11:45 am Lunch
1:00 pm Keynote Address: Dr. Hao Li
1:45 pm Talk: Amir Barati Farimani
Programming Graphene Nanopore with DNA Origami for DNA Sequencing
2:00 pm Talk: Can Cenik
Integrative analysis of RNA, translation, and protein levels reveals distinct regulatory variation across humans
2:15 pm Poster Session
3:45 pm Industry Panel: Dr. Tiffany Chen, Dr. Ron Dror, Dr. Robert Gentleman, Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge
4:45 pm Closing Remarks.

Accepted Posters

Marcos Prunello
Pancancer Analysis of DNA Methylation Using Methylmix
Caroline Hol Noergaard
A Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Classification System Based on Normal B-cell Subset Associated Gene Signatures (BAGS)
Bhaven Patel
A computational pipeline to uncover genomic regulatory sequences that modulate the Wnt signaling pathway
Lan Huong Nguyen
Methods for Differential Abundance Estimation on Sparse Microbiome Data
Irene Kaplow
A Deep Learning Model for Predicting and Understanding CTCF Binding Across Cell Types
Alice Yu
Predicting Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Outcome Using Lab Tests
Yangyang Kong
Diagnosis of Heart Diseases via CNNs
Matthew Chen
Automated Bone Age Classification with Deep Neural Networks
David Eng
Artificial Control of Soft Surgical Robots with Gaussian Processes
Aaron Kosmatin
Using Music to Analyze Protein Sequences
Gabriel Maher
Cardiovascular Edge Detection using Neural Networks
David Morgens
Systematic comparison of genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 and RNAi screens for the identification of essential genes
Alex Williams
Transport of subcellular cargo faces a critical speed-precision tradeoff in neurons
Jing Xiong
Cutting Angle Selection based on Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Spatial Constraints
Shaila Musharoff
Modeling ancestry-dependent phenotypic variance reduces bias and increases power in genetic association studies
Anton Sinitsky
Role of Glycans in NMDA Receptors: Computational Approach
John Lambert
Quantifying Mammalian Learning: Large-Scale Detection of Dendritic Spines
Justin Tran
A Framework for Automated Tuning and Uncertainty Quantification in Multiscale Coronary Flow Simulations
Hunter Boyce
Automating Proteogenomic Analysis Using A Semantic Workflow Approach