Conference Information

We will post the conference information for BCATS 2018 soon.

BCATS 2017 Conference Information


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Symposium Program

Aditya Rao

A robust host-based gene expression diagnostic for malaria versus other infectious diseases

Alex Williams

Dimensionality Reduction of Neural Dynamics Within and Across Trials By Tensor Decomposition

Erika Bongen

Profiling immune system sex differences in the healthy human transcriptome

Gautam Machiraju

Mathematical Tumor Kinetics: A Multi-Compartment Biomarker Shedding Model

Greg McInnes

Global Biobank Engine: An Online Tool for the Statistical Exploration of Large Genomic Datasets

Idit Kosti

Meta Analysis of Microbiome Data and Electronic Medical Data Provides New Insights On Preterm Births

Jessica Torres

Characterization of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy using Wearable Sensors

Kedar Tatwawadi

GTRAC: fast retrieval from compressed collections of genomic variants

Kelly Zalocusky

The 10,000 Immunomes Project: A Data Resource for Human Immunology

Michael Gloudemans

Whole genome sequencing of diverse human populations resolves causal regulatory variants

Nandita Bhaskhar and Pulkit Tandon

Automated methods for detection of axon bundle activation in Epiretinal Prostheses

Oliver Bear Don't Walk IV

Tagging Patient Notes With ICD-9 Codes

Pratibha Jagannatha

The Role of Alternative Splicing Regulation in the Innate Immune Response


BCATS 2017 took place at the Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge (LKSC) on Stanford's Campus.

The conference will take place in the Berg Hall Conference Center on the second floor of the building.

Driving directions to the LKSC can be found here.

Parking is available in the S1, S2 and Sand Hill Parking lots but may be limited; please arrive early to guarantee parking space.

Public transportation is also available. Take Caltrain to Palo Alto/University Ave station and then the Marguerite to LKSC.